Hi Burrow Community!

Hi Burrow Community!

Hi Burrow Community! So there’s a couple of points I want to cover real quick;

So there’s a new PR team for The Burrow, our aim is to gather new players and become a bigger community, we want players to feel like they are a part of something. We’re a very welcoming community and would love everyone and anyone to join.


So the first point I want to make is the Owner, DarkBoomba. DarkBoomba genuinely cares about his players, we all have a great friendship with him and he will do what he can to please everyone. Most owners don’t really interact with their players or have any kind of bond with them but DarkBoomba feels that to have a better community everyone should be involved as a team, whether that’s building new parts for the server or coming up with new ideas to keep everyone entertained and he always does his best to include everyone’s ideas and thoughts, this way everyone is happy and involved.


We’re determined to make The Burrow a place where you can come and feel free. The Burrow has a YouTube channel where you can get involved and be a part of the video. You can also join our Discord voice chats for a laugh, it’s great fun. No matter what time, the chat is always active, there’s people from all over the world so everyone is welcome!

If you want to stay updated, find us on Twitter, Instagram and Discord.


– GeorgiaaRos3

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